Chairman Message

We have opened the institution in this rural and backward area so that our students could get trained in education at their doorstep and become good teachers. This Institution was started with goal oriented ambition to our qualitative inspiration and training in the field of education.

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We promise to persure execllence and qualities in every field of education to equip our budding teachers for futute so that they could face life and provide best services whenever they go. We will try to inculcate amongest our future trainers to remain committed to their mission & accept the challenges of the fast growing world.

We are already in the education line and our first school was started in 2004. We are running school which affiliated to HBSE Haryana. Our students from college of Education after passing B.Ed. & D.Ed. are well placed and spreading knowledge in remote areas of Punjab & Haryana.

S. Amar Singh

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Guru Har Krishan College of Education

Ladwa-Karnal Road, Raitkhana (Via Bhadson)
Distt. Karnal, Haryana

Phone: +91 (1744) 221-778

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