About Courses

Guru Har Krishan College of Education (GHKCE) offers the following courses:

Functional Course

1. Education in Emerging India
2. Educational Psychology
3. Teacher Functions at the Primary Stage

Content-cum-Methodology in Different Subject

1. Teaching of Hindi
2. Teachning of English
3. Teachning of Math
4. Teachning of EVS-I (Social Studies)
5. Teachning of EVS-II (Science)
6. Teachning of Health and Physical Education
7. Art Education and Creative Works for Elementry Teacher

School Experiance Programme

1. Observing the activities in schools during S.E.P. / Teaching Practice.
2. Observing various activities such as admission and withdrawal procedure, fees, completing attendence register.
3. Observation and Interaction activities.

Practical Works

1. Preparing Demonstration Lessons.
2. Preparation for TLM.
3. Community Work, Games and Sport
4. Various Activities.

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