Student's Corner

Code of Conduct for Students

1. Uniform is compulsory except on wednesday.

2. The use of mobile phone in the campus is strictly prohibited.

3. Attendence is compulsory during Unit Tests, House Tests, Teachning Practice, Seminars and College Functions as notified from time to time. No leave will be granted except on exceptional grounds and only wth prior approval of Principal.

4. During classes, movement within the building is restricted.

5. No one will cause any sort of damage to the movable or immovable properly of the college. Anyone found guilty for the damage, the repair of the same willl be carried out at his/her cost.

6. All information required to be given by the college to the students shall be displayed on the notice board and will remain displayed for a maximum period of 10 working days. All students must make note of all the information in time.

7. No early departures from the college are permitted except with the approval of authorized in-charge.

8. During college hours every student must carry I-Card, Library Card and Bus Pass (if availing bus facility).

9. All students must observe the rules & regulations regarding payment if dues and fines, library rules, leave rules etc. These rules may be amended from time to time.

10. During the concurrency of the course no student shall undertake any remunerative job / employment. If any student is found guilty, his/her admission will be cancelled forthwith and student will have no claim whatsoever.

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